About DeAsia Secret

The Mission of DeAsia Secret is to help women to Dress for Success like De’LadyBoss.

We Do This by offering the latest-of-the-moment fashion to suit your personality and lifestyle Like De’LadyBoss.

Each type of clothing in DeAsia Secret is equally matched with the best material to bring the Dazzle, Style, and Elegance of De’LadyBoss.

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Our Vision

We want to help women to feel confident again like De’LadyBoss through Fashion.

We are always working hard, listen to the ground and bringing you the latest Baju Kurung,Tudung,Muslimah and accessories to you at a value that you can’t resist.

We are always improving and bringing you the best of the best.

De’LadyBOSS Clothing isn’t just about fashion,  it is about YOU and your journey to be De’LadyBOSS.

It’s our vision to make a proper meaning of fashion that will carry the qualities that will carry the identity of De’LadyBoss to develop the confidence in an individual, the reason to be happy and set as an example to the rest.

Now it’s YOUR TIME To Dress Like De’LadyBOSS