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Beginner’s Guide to Baju Kurung Moden

Want to buy a new Baju Kurung Moden? I think you’ll agree with me that Baju Kurung Moden is one of t The Beginner’s Guide to Baju Kurung Moden provides comprehensive information you need to get to get on the road to shop for the best baju kurung moden. This guide is designed to describe all areas of Baju Kurung Moden – from choosing the right design and to purchase it. If you are still confused about which Baju Kurung is suitable for you, we are here to help. You can also contact DeAsia’s support team to assist you via WhatsApp or Email. Before you decide which baju kurung, there are many things that you should take into consideration. There are many types of baju kurung in Malaysia. We’ve even list out the Top 10 Best Baju Kurung in Malaysia. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then it’s going to be so much easier to look for the Baju Kurung you want.

Are all the Baju Kurung the same?

Some people think that all the Baju Kurung are all the same regardless of their name. Well, it is totally wrong. As I pointed out earlier, there are various types of baju kurung available in Malaysia and a lot more are coming to the market right now. So, how do we know which one is the Baju Kurung Moden and which is not? There are simply a couple of designs that look quite similar to the Baju Kurung Moden such as the mini kurung, baju kurung peplum, baju kurung Kedah, and others.

Baju Kurung Moden Design And Style

When choosing a Baju Kurung Moden, the first thing that you should look at is its design and style. Unlike the Traditional Baju Kurung, it has a slim design that follows the shape of the body. The main dress usually has a shorter height that stops at the waistline compared to the Traditional ones that goes below the hips until the knee when you wear it. This type of design gives an impression to the Muslimah that it might not be suitable for them to wear it publicly as it will give out their body shape. However, even though generally the Baju Kurung Moden is considered as slim fit, various buyers tend to modify it on their own so that the back of the dress covers the hips of the when you wear it. Moreover, because of the high demand for Muslimah clothing, many designers and stylists modify their modern baju kurung’s design to suit the needs of the women. If you’re okay with the slim fit and original design of the Baju Kurung Moden, then you don’t have to change or modify anything. However, if you’re worried about the revealing your hips or your body shape publicly, you can just alter or modify it by adding a lace or sewing extra pieces of cloth to make it longer.

Baju Kurung Moden Shapes And Diameter

Other than the slim-fit design on the part of the waist, the diameter of the sleeves is also a bit smaller than that of the Baju Kurung Traditional. Some of the neckline design seen as following a similar pattern like the Baju Kebaya where the neck was designed as an almond-shaped design. Furthermore, there are some were designed as round shaped as similar to the Traditional Baju Kurung. The sarong or the skirt of the Baju Kurung follows the slim-fit design as the main dress where at the hips, the sarong follows the waist until the hips and flows straight down to the ankles. The design was specially made to follow the shape of the hips to give a more slimming look.

The Fabric Materials Used To Make Baju Kurung Moden

Aside from the design itself, some of the most commonly used fabric material is by using cotton. Some were seen as using silk as its fabric but it’s much more expensive than cotton and its only bought by a few people because of its more expensive. Some modern baju kurung is a bit pricey than the others.This is because of the elegant design and the type of fabric used that ensures the comfortably of the when you are wearing it for a long period of time. Cotton is one of the material frequently used material because of its more affordable. Wrapping it up In a nutshell, if you want to look for an elegant design and style of a Baju Kurung and budget isn’t an issue, then this is the best choice to buy. However, if you were to be looking for a more shariah compliant dress or maybe looking for something a bit affordable, then this type baju kurung might not be suitable for you. Again, do a little more research and survey on the best Baju Kurung Moden for you in order to give a full satisfaction when you buy it.

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