Telekung Online – Ultimate Buying Guide For 2019 | DeAsia Secret

Telekung Online – Ultimate Buying Guide For 2019 | DeAsia Secret

Buying a telekung online in 2018 has never been easier with various sellers offering a variety of affordable telekung with beautiful designs and style. Indeed, the main purpose of a Telekung is to completely cover one’s Aurah when performing their prayer but it’s not wrong to wear something beautiful when confronting our Maker.

Hence, the reason why a telekung with various design and style along with a variety of colours came onto the market. However, buying a telekung online is not the same as buying it in real time.

We cannot determine its true quality based on the material used as well as its comfortability when we wear it.

Therefore, we decided to lists out four guides to buying your telekung online and to protect you from getting scammed.


Brand of the Telukung

Every telekung nowadays have different brands associated with them. These brands represent different quality, style, design and price of the product. For example, the Telekung by DeAsia Secret offers an exclusive telekung with a simple yet elegant design and comes at an affordable price.

This Telekung is said to be the most comfortable telekung ever created. While some of the cheaper brands  offers a medium comfortability and at a cheaper price.

There are brands that are well known throughout Malaysia and users can know their legitimacy through the price they offered. Hence, the brand of the Telekung plays an important role to determine the legitimacy of the Telekung by comparing the prices online with the prices in retail stores.

Price of the Telukung

Of course most buyers in Malaysia tends to look for a product that is affordable rather than buying something extremely expensive.

If you don’t mind not having exclusive brands of telekung, then you can just choose a more simpler brand that offers at a cheaper price. There are brands that can sometimes offers the same comfort as the exclusive brands.

Do a little survey and research on the type of brand you want the most and its normal pricing. Check its official web pages and ask your colleagues about the retail price of the product.

If they are selling it at RM5 or RM10 cheaper than the retail price, then it’s okay to say that it’s somewhat genuine due to a reasonable discount they are offering.

Reviews of the Telukung

Reviews are somewhat the main yardstick of buyers when they are buying online. It’s like the ultimate guide to check for its legitimacy. If you’re buying something at online stores especially, check for the reviews first.

Most stores provide you star-based review while some provide a rating based review. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a most wanted product that has a lot of reviews in it, there you can check whether the product you’re about to order is real or it is as described in the order page.

If you’re the first one to buy that product, you can either search for other similar previously reviewed product or you could try it out and give a review on it yourself. Remember, it’s all about given and take.

Trusted Telukung Online Stores

The trusted online stores are one of the great sources to buy your telekung. Most of the online stores nowadays use a high-security encryption when you check out and proceed to pay. These methods of encryption enable a safer transaction between you and your seller.

These kinds of online stores provide a worry-free purchase and transaction. This is so that you’re protected from being scammed financially by irresponsible third party individuals.

Do a little research on the most commonly visited online stores first. Furthermore, you can compare each price on the same product so that you’re satisfied with the product that you’re buying. Just remember to also check the reviews of the product before you proceed with the payment.

In a nutshell, these four tips will help you make the right choice when buying your telekung online. Be sure to follow this guide to make sure you get the best Telukung online. It will also help you when you’re trying to buy from retail stores to determine the authenticity of the product.

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