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Buying Telekung Travel Online – What You Need To Know

Are you looking to buy a Telekung Travel Online? If the answer yes, before you start shopping at DeAsia Secret. In this article, I am going to reveal to you what you need to know about buying Telekung Travel Online.

A Basic Telekung is used to cover the Muslimah when they are performing their prayer. So what’s a difference for a Telekung used for traveling? Well, it basically does the same thing except that it was made with a compact design so that it will be easier to carry due to its smaller size.

In DeAsia Secret, we provide a small pouch to fit the Telekung. You can just use a normal and basic Telekung design to carry with you when you travel. It is very convenient as you can fold and carry a custom-made Telekung for your travels.

Here we’ve listed out some information for you on what you need to know about the Telekung Travel.

Compact Design Of The Telekung Travel

The Telekung Travel is made of a compact design. This is done so that it can fit into small bags or pouch. When you’re using a Telekung that was specially made for traveling, you don’t have to worry about how to pack it, or how to make it look small. You can now will be convenient to carry it around in public. The custom-made design ensures that your Telekung can fit into any small bags or pouch and you don’t have to forcefully put it into your other luggage. You can fold and pack your Telekung in any way you want and not have it wrinkled when you unpack it. Therefore, you can now have a peace of mind when you travel while carrying your favourite Telekung with you without any hassle.

Soft Material Of The Telekung

The soft material of the Telekung Travel enables it to change or follow the shape of its bag or pouch without making it wrinkle. Most of the Telekung Travel uses a thin fabric so that it will give a compact design for you to carry it with ease. However, the thin fabric does not affect the material quality that gives a smooth feel when you’re wearing the Telekung and hence gives you the maximum comfort when you’re praying. This is one of the benefits of theTelekung travel in the sense that it maintains the comfortability while using a thin fabric. Pray with ease with its soft material and enjoy extra comfort in any situation.

Size of the Telekung

A Telekung Travel offers free sizing so that everyone can wear it regardless of their body size. It comes with an expandable waistline and face-line so that it will change according to different types of waist sizes and face sizes respectively. The free size offered still covers your Aurah fully and it is suitable for a Muslimah who has a plus size body. Simply choose your desired colour and proceed with your payment without worrying about any sizes that might or might not fit you.

Material of the Telekung

The breathable material offers the maximum comfort especially you’re wearing the telekung in a hot climate especially in Malaysia. It is most suitable to use when you’re performing your umrah or hajj on a hot season without getting any excessive heatstroke.

The high-quality material enables air to pass through easily and does not collect any heat that can cause heatstroke. Pray comfortably with a peace of mind even in a hot condition.

Layer of the Telekung

The extra layer near the chest line provides the maximum coverage of a Muslimah’s aurah so that they could pray with a peace of mind without thinking that it might show their sensitive body parts name their breasts. These ensure that the telekung follows the shariah compliance when a Muslimah is performing their daily prayer. Even though it is compactly made with a thin fabric, it still covers one’s aurah flawlessly. You can now pray with ease even when you’re travelling.

Our Conclusion

Hence, in our opinion, telekung travel is one of the essential things that a Muslimah should have in preparation for their upcoming travels. Its compact and small design allows you to carry it easily and conveniently in your own hand or handbag. The breathable soft material, provides the maximum comfort.  This gives you complete guarantee that you won’t show any sensitive parts of your body while you’re praying. If you have any questions about Telekung, feel free to reach out to us.

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