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Evolution Of Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung in Malaysia has gone through various changes over the time. Most of it includes the designs,pattern and the style. However, Baju Kurung itself had existed more than 600 years ago! It’s amazing if you really this about it.

Guess what? The earliest design of a baju kurung is seen in a baju kurung Teluk Belanga. It’s more commonly known as the Baju Kurung Johor.

It features a loose design that was originally influenced by the Arabs who traded in Tanah Melayu long ago.

Since then, the main objective of a baju kurung was to conceal or cover the aurah of a Muslimah. This type of design continues to incorporate the loose design into the latest trend of a baju kurung in Malaysia. It is to preserve the customary features of a baju kurung besides to comply with the sharia’s dress code.

However, as time passes, the original design of the baju kurung seems to have been modified. This is due to the high demands of fashion and trend that were mostly influenced by the western culture.

Changes Of Baju Kurung Over The Years

The main purpose of wearing a baju kurung where it conceals the revealing parts from showing to the public. However, it had changed to a more slimming and revealing design over the years.

Let’s start from the eary 60s. At that time, Baju Kurung designs follows the loosely made style. It was the main dress worn by the majority of the women in the Malay society.

Then, in the 70s, a new design of the baju kurung came into light. It was known as the mini kurung. The mini kurung was among the first that follows the trend and fashion of its current time. The design includes two layers which are the outside and inside layer of the main dress. The outside layer features a rough touch that consists of flowery decorations. For the inside layer, it features a smoother material that protects you from the roughness of the outside layer. The mini kurung was mostly tailor-made and worn for an engagement or during a wedding ceremony.

Currently, the mini kurung had been modified and altered fully to suit the demands of the current stylist and fashionista throughout Malaysia. These modifications and alteration were not only done to the mini kurung. It is also the combination of Baju Kurung Traditional and Johor where a Baju Kurung Moden was born from the two types of Baju Kurung.

Baju Kurung Peplum, Lace & Cotton

The Baju Kurung Moden includes a slimming design that was different than the original. Apart from it, other types of Baju Kurung were introduced to the market. It includes the Baju Kurung Peplum, Lace, and Cotton.

These three types of Baju Kurung maintain and preserves the originality of the Baju Kurung where it is mostly made with a loose design. The only added feature to the three respective Baju Kurung is the mini skirt design. It has an extra decorative design and the fabric material used.

These changes only affect the minor details of the Baju Kurung without changing the main intention of wearing a baju kurung to conceal and cover the revealing parts of a woman’s body.

While the three types of baju kurung abide and comply with the shariah dress code, there are some other types of baju kurung that go slightly against what has been taught and ordered by the shariah. The related baju kurung is the Baju Kurung Moden, the mini kurung and the Kedah.

However, the Baju Kurung Kedah has only one minor distinctive feature. Its sleeves were designed to be shorter down until the elbow while at the same time having a sluggish and loose design.


In a nutshell, you can see that how Baju Kurung has changed over the time. Thanks to the evolution. We now have different Baju Kurung that suits our needs and requirements. If you are shopping for the latest Baju Kurung design, then take a look at DeAsia Secret Collection. Our designers has put to you the latest Baju Kurung for you.

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